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Xerox drop support for Phaser 6180 Colour Laser Printer and many others*
Here’s how you can get it back and working with all the correct options.

  1. Find the printer’s IP address on your network.
  2. Install the printer as a Generic Postsctipt Printer.
  3. Log into CUPS administration and modify it with the correct PPD.

I searched the Internet for a Xerox 6180 print driver but Apple and Xerox have dropped support for it. However MacOS Monterey still uses CUPS (the Unix Printing System) in the background and we can use this to make it work using a currently available Postscript PPD. This gives all the options of paper sizes and Mono/Colour settings etc.  – Download the Linux PPDs from Xerox and extract your particular printer’s PDD from the .zip file.

Jan 2024 update for MacOS Sonoma : New PPDs available: Xerox Phaser 6180DN + Xerox Phaser 6180N

To set up the printer queue, you need your printer’s IP address—the easiest way to find out this is to print a Configuration Page from the printer’s control panel. For the 6180 use the following key presses to output the page:

Wake, Menu, →, →, →, OK, → ↓, ↓, OK

In the ‘Network Setup’ section you’ll find the IP Address.

Now in MacOS >System Preferences >Printers & Scanners add (+) a new printer. Set it up using its IP address in the section shown below.

Allow the setup to Use: Generic Postscript Printer, give it a suitable name and click Add

Now go to the CUPS admin page using this address http://localhost:631/printers/this is the print server running on your Mac!

If this link doesn’t work you may need to enable the CUPS web interface. To do this simply open terminal (Applications/Utilities/Terminal) and paste in the command:

cupsctl WebInterface=yes

…hit return and try the link above once more.

You will probably be asked to enter your computer login password at this point to enable to administration of the printer queues.

Once you have logged into CUPS, click on the Printers tab and the queue you want to modify:

Drop down the following menu and choose Modify Printer:

Allow the page to refresh and click Continue a couple of times to get to the screen below. Now we can modify this printer to use our new PPD – click on Choose File and navigate to the new PPD finally click Modify Printer and wait for the result.

CUPS should report success and all the old options will be back in the Print Dialog box


Good luck with saving another printer from obsolscence and the landfill – please leave a comment if it worked out for you (or otherwise). I used an M1 MacMini with Monterey 12.5.1 but this should work for previous machines as well. I haven’t tested every feature but every option I have tried so far seems to work as expected.

To enable Full Duplex printing or any other options your printer may have, you may need to configure the Options in CUPS:

* Xerox still provide simple PPD files (PostScript Printer Driver) for UNIX systems and one file contains support for all threse printers:

DocuColor 2006
WorkCentre M20
CopyCentre 123/128
WorkCentre M123/M128
WorkCentre Pro 123/128
WorkCentre M118/M118i
WorkCentre PE120/120i
WorkCentre PE120
WorkCentre PE120i
WorkCentre M20/M20i
Phaser 6100
WorkCentre C2424
Phaser 4500
DocuPrint N17b
DocuPrint N2125
DocuPrint N2125b
DocuPrint N3225
DocuPrint N4025
DocuPrint N4525
Phaser 1235
Phaser 2135
Phaser 3400
Phaser 3450
Phaser 4400
Phaser 5400
Phaser 5500
Phaser 6200
Phaser 6250
Phaser 7300
Phaser 750
Phaser 7700
Phaser 7750
Phaser 790
Phaser 8200
Phaser 8400
Phaser 850
Phaser 860
Phaser 8500/8550
Phaser 6300/6350
Phaser 3500
Phaser 7400
CopyCentre 133
Phaser 6120
WorkCentre 133
WorkCentre Pro 133
Phaser 7760
WorkCentre 4118
FaxCentre 2121
Phaser 8560MFP
FaxCentre 2218
Phaser 6360
Phaser 6180
Phaser 8560
Phaser 4510
WorkCentre 7328/7335/7345/7346
Phaser 3200MFP
Phaser 8860MFP
Phaser 8860
Phaser 6180MFP
Phaser 6130


  1. XB

    this almost works for me

    is there a way to enable two-sided printing?

    • John

      See the revised post using a different PPD and more details for duplex printing.

  2. Tkoyn

    I could not find your revised post covering duplex printing. Can you please reply with a link? I am having the same issue as XB.


    • John

      @TKOYN – It’s maybe not clear but what I did was revised/updated the article after XB’s comment. I added an explanation at the end – the last screen grab shows where to change the settings for Full Duplex. Please let us know if it works?

      • Tkoyn

        I did see that last screen grab and I had clicked Available for “Duplex Unit” and that did NOT allow the option for double sided in my print dialog to become enabled. I had used the PPD “xrx6180dn.ppd” from the Xerox Linux PPDs. This PPD seems to not offer the correct amount of memory for my printer, which is 256MB – the Memory dropdown skips from 128MB to 384MB. The exact printer model I have is the Phaser 6180MFP-D. You said something about using a different PPD on November 24 in your reply to XB and I was wondering what you meant by that, as it seems something is amiss in my PPD I found in the Xerox Linux download.

        • John

          You can insert a 256MB DIMM but there’s already 128MB soldered to the board, so the correct option would be 384MB. That’s why there’s no 256 option.
          I get all the right check boxes in the print dialog – it just has a box for “Two Sided” printing. I can’t tell if it works though—my printer is not duplex.

      • Tkoyn

        Actually I tried this CUPs printer setup of my Phaser 6180MFP-D from Macs in two configurations:
        1) Ventura with M2 – this is where the double sided is NOT working (disabled in print dialog).
        2) Just now, I tested this on another Mac with Monterey with Intel and I find double sided DOES work (enabled in print dialog).
        In both cases, I used the same PPD supplied by Xerox for Linux “xrx6180dn.ppd”.

  3. John

    For the record, I’m using CUPS v 2.3.4 – other versions are available at cups.org and I believe it’s possible to install any version,

    • tkoyn

      I checked the version of CUPS provided by Apple and it is already 2.3.4 for both Monterey (on Intel) and Ventura (on M2). I do not understand why there would be a difference in whether or not double sided is working.

  4. John

    UPDATE: this solution is working for me still after upgrading to Ventura 13.6.1.

  5. John D

    My Xerox 6180N is working perfectly on Sonoma 14.2 using an M1 Macbook Pro after following this guide! Much appreciated.

    FYI there’s a much newer PPD file (rev 3.2 for CUPS vs 1.0 from the Linux release) if you download the latest macOS 10.11 driver and unpack the .pkg archive.


    $ unar 6180\ Print\ Installer.pkg
    $ cd 6180\ Print\ Installer
    $ tar xvf installationfiles.pkg/Payload
    $ cd Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources
    $ unar Xerox Phaser 6180DN.gz

    • John

      Thanks John D – I couldn’t get the unar command to work – perhaps you have an App that I don’t. But anyway to save all that kerfuffle I’ve uploaded the two new PPDs to this site. Open and save the files using these links:
      Xerox Phaser 6180N
      Xerox Phaser 6180DN


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