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On an M1 (Apple Silicon) Mac Mini I needed to change the Startup Security setting to ‘Reduced Security’ to install drivers (or kernel extensions) for the RME Audio interface. So this should be easy enough—it’s done by booting up with the power button held down to get into Recovery Mode where you’ll see the options screen. After hitting Options>Continue it jumps to the Startup Assistant and shows a spinning wheel while it’s Examining Volumes. Then …crap, it quits and restarts back to the normal login screen.

After an hour long chat and a further support call the following day with Apple, it still wouldn’t work. I tried restarting the Mini in DFU mode and connected it to a friend’s MacBook to run the Apple Configurator 2 app to Revive the firmware. An hour later it had finished but I still couldn’t get to the Security Settings. Then after a lot of Googling and head scratching I decided to try one more thing, I enabled FileVault ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I’d seen a forum where someone else did this for a similar problem.

And …YES it worked! —so the Solution was simply to enable File Vault encryption on the Mac – once that was enabled, Recovery Mode worked as intended – WTF?!?

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  1. Ralph

    Dude, you saved my ass! I’ve already been to the apple store 3 times, the mother board got replaced and I even got a completely new Mac! All because I had FileVault disabled. Ridiculous nobody knows about this or that it’s not documented anywhere.


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