GoodSync should win an award for being the most inappropriately named software on the planet. On the Mac it treats applications as folders full of items that are of no interest to the end user. Who cares if the file is in conflict? If Dropbox still works it doesn’t matter.

After running the Analysis (with progress bars that go up and down indicating nothing useful btw) CrapSync will just freeze up with no indication of what it’s doing or how long it’s going to take.
After syncing it shows an expanded list of thousands of files that are ‘conflicted’ even though they are just little bits of resources inside apps. Then the log says “Click conflicts button to see unresolved conflicts” but there is no such button.
Clicking on an App to exclude it does nothing and it will still show up in the conflicted items list after another sync.
ShitSink I call it.
On a Mac, in it’s current form it’s useless, which is a shame because it promised so much good stuff.