Fixing my SEAT Ibiza 2012 power Steering

The power steering (PAS) on my 2012 SEAT Ibiza 1.4 FR suddenly became intermittent. After a 30 mile trip and fortunately only a few miles from home I stopped to refuel but on restarting the car there was no PAS whatsoever. Testing it out on the driveway, it came and...

The Eurofighter Typhoon in Binaural 3D sound

Here's a 'Dummy Head' recording I made at Eastbourne Airshow this year (2022) This is a Binaural recording and only works properly on headphones. The microphones are placed inside a dummy head so that they pick up sound in the same way as you and I do. When listened...

Tune-o-Matic Roller Bridges

There's a problem with Roller Saddle Bridges Over lockdown, I rebuilt the Les Paul copy which I'd made back in college around 1976. Originally the neck was one piece mahogany through-the-body (Honduras mahogany no doubt) but it got smashed very soon after completion...

Repair the Logitech Force Feedback Steering Wheel G25

An extensive guide and comment thread to help repair the Logitech G25 Force Feedback steering wheel. Essential reading if your wheel doesn’t calibrate.

Whirlpool Maytag Admiral fridge flashing panel

This is a problem that we had been living with for a while now: when using the ice dispenser a solenoid bangs away all the time the delivery motor is running. The front panel and the light also flash at about 10 times a second. It does eventually dispense ice but VERY...

The Eclipse from Helen GA

As totality approaches and the sky rapidly darkens, everyone realises that they are about to witness something special. …this is how people react to the sight of a total solar eclipse!

Sugru – some ideas for making use of this cool stuff.

Made a 90° bend jack plug for a guitar lead. I just removed the barrel from a normal jack plug, re-soldered the lead and moulded Sugru around the whole thing with the cable coming out of the side. The brown coloured Sugru gives a nice retro look and I pressed an old...

MacMini M1 cannot access Startup Security – a solution!

YES! the Solution was simply to enable File Vault encryption on the Mac – once that was enabled Recovery Mode and Startup Security worked as intended.

Six Heat Pumps! Now we’re getting a Gas Boiler

Last year (2023) the Government decided to give away £7500 of Public money to anyone who replaced their gas boiler with a heat pump. Sounds like a great deal so why has the take up of this grant been so abysmal? Well, there are a few caveats to qualifying for the...

Mexico Magico recording

A binaural recording of Augustine Leudar’s installation at Wakehurst Place, East Sussex. This is where Kew’s Millenium Seedbank is housed and the experience was part of their “Nourish: art to feed the senses” exhibition.

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Hints and Tips for Divi Theme

The Accordian Module If you want to start with all the toggles closed, one way is to add display:none; to the 1st toggle’s Main Element CSS. But rather than just hiding the first toggle you can make it a close-all button...

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