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Since the introduction of Leopard (OS X 10.4) there’s no need to buy 3rd party font management software. Apple’s FontBook now works well with most applications , including QuarkXPress.

Start with a good collection of common fonts installed into the User library in Fontbook.

Export this collection, In FontBook, highlight the User library and go to >File >Export Fonts… and save for future use.

This makes it easy to return to the default User collection by deleting all the User fonts and dragging the saved collection back in or for distrubution to give all your Macs the same library.

For activating fonts temporarly – Create a New Font Library in the FontBook list (called TEMP) and change the Font Library Preferences to use this folder as the default install location.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When Adding Fonts to FontBook do not drag in individual Font Files – dragging the Folder containing the Fonts works much better (drop them onto the TEMP library). FontBook will search down through all the folder hierarchy and add any fonts it finds.


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