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I recently updated my test MacMini to High Sierra – I won’t be doing the same for any other Mac in a hurry!

Here’s the problem: I want to be able to search my camera SD cards for RAW files in order to drag them off to external storage—clearing space on the cards. SD Cards are normally formatted using ExFAT and as expected, searching in the Finder for any type of file does work—for ExFAT formatted SD cards as well as disks with other formats such as NTFS. The Finder will show a list of files, however selecting files to drag elsewhere doesn’t work: they cannot be manipulated at all from the search results, although curiously the Trash icon changes to the Eject icon when I try!

Double clicking any file in the search results window pops up this stupid dialog, saying the original item can’t be found:

Just what kind of half-baked system is this Apple? Have you seen this problem? Does anybody have a fix for this?



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