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Got myself into a bit of a state the other morning when I realised something was wrong with a new jar of Vegemite – what has Bega Cheese done to the old Kraft branded favourite spread? Can you spot the difference in the image below?

On the right, the horror show that confronted me – glossy, gloopy, foul-tasting shit-in-a-jar.

Unfortunately we’d had this jar for a while and couldn’t remember where it came from, otherwise it would be taken straight back.

On the other hand the wife was planning a trip to Morrison’s next day where she bought another jar which to my relief is the one pictured on the left and seems to be the completely normal product we all know and love (apart from the Marmiteers). There are lots of reports online about the recipe changing for Vegans but the manufacturers deny there is any difference. These two jars have very similar batch numbers and expiry dates so what is going on—can anybody help?



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  1. John

    I found a solution! Get Blue lidded, lo-salt Marmite – it’s much closer to vegemite than the Yellow lidded one. It’s a local product and a good replacement. Try it?


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