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This is a problem that we had been living with for a while now: when using the ice dispenser a solenoid bangs away all the time the delivery motor is running. The front panel and the light also flash at about 10 times a second. It does eventually dispense ice but VERY noisily! Recently the problem got worse and the front panel lights started flickering and there was a ticking noise on the front sounder.

This is caused by sub standard capacitors on the front panel circuit board.

It’s quite an easy repair but not so easy to find suitable capacitors. The space for them is quite tight so the manufacturers used three small caps wired in parallel. There is a bit of variation between fridge models and I think some panels have four 0.47uF caps however mine uses three 0.68uF.

DON’T ASSUME THE PCB IS LOW VOLTAGE just because there’s some 16V caps on it, there is mains voltage on the board so pull the power plug before doing anything. Try to source Metallised Polypropylene caps rated at 275V AC or more. In my case there was only one bad looking cap — it had a slight ridge around one end but I pulled out all three and replaced them with two 1.0uF caps I found on Amazon (http://amzn.eu/isEkpQw)

UPDATE: Published a short video on YouTube showing the fix and link to suitable caps: https://youtu.be/7-ak4H-digU

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