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Made a 90° bend jack plug for a guitar lead. I just removed the barrel from a normal jack plug, re-soldered the lead and moulded Sugru around the whole thing with the cable coming out of the side. The brown coloured Sugru gives a nice retro look and I pressed an old heatsink into it while soft to give it a bit of texture.

Replaced a perished rubber grip on my binoculars with black Sugru. I rolled a knurled metal handle over it to give it more grip. 

A replacement tyre for my battery vacuum cleaner. This has been good for over a year! The rubber tyre is on a roller bearing – so I put a ‘worm’ of Sugru around it and then held the shaft and rolled it across the desk  to flatten the worm. Hope that makes sense?

The top of my pepper mill has a metal washer with a square hole to drive the grinder. This washer wasn’t staying in properly so a bit of Sugru fixed it in place.

Here, Sugru is replacing a broken shock absorber part on a RC model car.

A little hook made with some leftover Sugru and a magnet scavenged from an old hard drive. Currently sticking to the boiler’s metal box – great for drying cleaning cloths.

Two yellow blobs of Sugru replaced the bumpers on my dishwasher racks – the door closes against these to push the top rack into place. These have been in the dishwasher for longer than the original rubber bumpers.

This is my trusty camera shutter release – a switch secured inside Sugru packed into Lego™ bricks.

This is a shower soap dish, the soap would always slip off so I added small blobs of Sugru to the ends of the ridges. They blend perfectly with the white porcelain of the soap dish.

Replacement Toilet Seat Bumper – perfect for the job.

The bezel on this old dial guage had disintegrated beyond useable but I was able to replace it with Sugru – it doesn’t turn the dial to zero the pointer, like the original but still works okay.

The legs on this wooden chair were scratching the laminate flooring and the chair (which was used for gaming) was sliding around the floor. These Sugru feet solved that problem. The pattern comes from a microphone grill – to stop the Sugru sticking, wet its surface before stamping anything on it.

I’ve lost count of the number of charger cables, headphones, audio cables etc that Sugru has kept gooing for me.


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