Our Hotpoint CID740B Induction Hob got a good review from me last year but it’s now becoming impossible to work with. The touch controls have slowly become less and less responsive to the point where we now have to use a metal spoon to operate it. Sometimes a finger will work but when you have three pans boiling over and need to turn them down in a hurry, sometimes isn’t good enough – in fact it’s downright dangerous!

We called AO.com who we bought it from and we have spoken to HotPoint’s Service centre but they both insist on selling an extended warranty at £113.88 before they will repair it.

It was purchased only about 18 months ago so the standard 1-year warranty has expired but I think any major kitchen appliance should be expected to work for several years – if it doesn’t it was manufactured poorly. But in any case it should be covered by a standard 2-year European warranty—unfortunately they don’t seem to be of the ‘no-quibble’ variety!