Repair an Admiral or Maytag fridge that runs constantly. Model number: GC2027HXKW Our American style side-by-side fridge seemed to be running all the time – it was never quiet and yet the fridge compartment wasn’t very cold. I checked the coils in the back of the freezer compartment and they were quite frosty. They should defrost occasionally and drip down into a tray underneath but this wasn’t happening.

Evaporation Coils in the rear of the Freezer compartment

Frosted Coils

There’s no actual cooling element in the refrigeration side. Its temperature is controlled by a little shutter, at the top of the fridge compartment, which opens to allow cold air from the freezer to come through. A duct in the top of the freezer compartment channels it in. When the shutter is open a fan circulates cold air up past the coils in the freezer and blows it through the channel. Unfortunately the shutter is made from very flimsy plastic and driven by quite a powerful motor. Any frosting of the shutter will jam it sufficiently to allow the motor to easily snap the plastic. If this happens the motor can push the shutter closed but cannot pull it open again. To check if you have this problem, remove the shroud at the top of the fridge where the shutter mechanism sits and use a vanity mirror to see if the vanes are open. I used a wooden chop stick to open the shutter and for the first time in ages, it quickly cooled sufficiently to turn the condenser motor off and the fridge was quiet. My permanent repair was to glue the shutter back together and reinforce it with superglue and some carbon fibre strands  that I happened to have. I had to be careful that the carbon fibre didn’t short out the sensor switches. Ideally, a new shutter made from something similar to printed circuit boards, would be a better fix. To get to the shutter mechanism I had to just break off the styrofoam housing (this is easily glued back together with PVA) and then the plastic cover simply pulls apart. The motor seems to run on 50 volts which may not be life threatening but of course you shouldn’t carry out any servicing without first unplugging the appliance from the wall.