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Why is my SSD so slow!

Solid State Drives – the true story about SSD performance. Replacing an old hard disk drive (HDD) with a new Solid State Drive (SSD) will generally transform the speed of your computer, applications open so much faster and...

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Glossy Runny Vegemite …wtf!?

Got myself into a bit of a state the other morning when I realised something was wrong with a new jar of Vegemite – what has Bega Cheese done to the old Kraft branded favourite spread? Can you spot the difference in the...

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Hotpoint Induction Hob Controls

Our Hotpoint CID740B Induction Hob got a good review from me last year but it’s now becoming impossible to work with. The touch controls have slowly become less and less responsive to the point where we now have to use a...

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Salter Megastone non-stick?

We recently sent back these non-stick pans made by Salter – as you can see it’s easy to scrape off the white flecks that are part of the ‘megastone’ coating. “Covered in a megastone coating, these...

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