Category: DIY Repairs

Tune-o-Matic Roller Bridges

There’s a problem with Roller Saddle Bridges Over lockdown, I rebuilt the Les Paul copy which I’d made back in college around 1976. Originally the neck was one piece mahogany through-the-body (Honduras mahogany no...

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Hints and Tips for Divi Theme

The Accordian Module If you want to start with all the toggles closed, one way is to add display:none; to the 1st toggle’s Main Element CSS. But rather than just hiding the first toggle you can make it a close-all button...

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Why is my SSD so slow!

Solid State Drives – the true story about SSD performance. Replacing an old hard disk drive (HDD) with a new Solid State Drive (SSD) will generally transform the speed of your computer, applications open so much faster and...

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Glossy Runny Vegemite …wtf!?

Got myself into a bit of a state the other morning when I realised something was wrong with a new jar of Vegemite – what has Bega Cheese done to the old Kraft branded favourite spread? Can you spot the difference in the...

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