Month: November 2010

Panasonic Microwave fix.

My Panasonic microwave oven failed the other day. The turntable had stopped doing its thing. So I took off the cover and checked the fuses and switches before deciding the unfeasibly high resistance in the turntable motor indicated its probable demise. At first glance, replacing it looked like an absolute pig of a job but I ordered a new motor online  for a tenner ( and felt optimistic. When the motor arrived, I had a second look at the bottom of the microwave and realised that it had been designed to make motor replacement a snip [sic]. I used wire...

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Admiral Fridge Repair

Repair an Admiral or Maytag fridge that runs constantly. Model number: GC2027HXKW Our American style side-by-side fridge seemed to be running all the time – it was never quiet and yet the fridge compartment wasn’t very cold. I checked the coils in the back of the freezer compartment and they were quite frosty. They should defrost occasionally and drip down into a tray underneath but this wasn’t happening. There’s no actual cooling element in the refrigeration side. Its temperature is controlled by a little shutter, at the top of the fridge compartment, which opens to allow cold air from the...

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